Dark Hibiscus

Grey Goose, Hibiscus and Cardamum, Cinnamon, Cointreau, Orange and Vanilla Aroma
The goose that wants to be seen. The hibiscus that wants to be tasted. The aroma that wants to be smelt. The combination of light in so much darkness.

Wolf of 5th Street

Patron Repasado, Salted Aperol, Martini Rosso, Smokey Whiskey, Orange Zest
Always alone, never alone. A wandering wolf in a wondering world. Coming into darkness and coming into yourself. Walking up 5th. Walking into Alice. The wolf becomes you.

Dusty 8

Bacardi 8, Martini Extra Dry, Campari, Fernet Branca, Grapefruit, Smoked
Between dusk and dawn. Between coming and going. Dreaming that becomes living. Becoming more through the dustiness. Experience an extra day in a 7 day week.

Wicked Grey

Grey Goose, Tomato, Lemon, Basil Leaves, Olive Oil, Brut Rosé, Aroma
In a world of Alice, the grey is wild. The Grey comes to life through a combination of darkness, light and the unknown. The blend of wickedness in a glass. The taste of the future, in a present moment.

Shaken Shadows

Grey Goose, Peach and Coconut, Fresh Coriander, Bitters, Lime, Martini Bianco, Absinthe Air
Followed by a freedom. Encounter the enchanted. A world of fantasy. A tantilising taste. An air filled with allure. Shadows that leave you a little shaken.

Dead Tea

Dewars 15, Pale Dry Sherry, Martini Extra Dry, Earl Grey Tea, Strawberry, Tea
A deadly comfort that creeps in. A sexy suspense that surprises you. A magic that marvels you And makes you want more.

Death by Decaf

Grey Goose, Espresso, Caramel Popcorn, Salt, Lemon, Coffee Beans
Is it love, death or coffee in the air? Is it lust, life or an experience in the taste? Is it a call from coffee? Is it a dare from death? Is it living the light?

Sweet Escape

Dusse Cognac, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Salt, Fresh Mint, Lime, Choc Soil
Getting lost in the chocolate. Getting awaked by the freshness. Crushing and climbing. Getting seduced by the sweetness. Experiencing the escape that is Alice.

Star Test

Star of Bombay, Lemon, Cucumber, Salt, Thyme
Bursts of light. Pieces of darkness. Life tested in the shadows. Life lived in the stars. A time to taste a new world.

Vile Weapon

Star of Bombay, Salt, Sugar, Blue Pea, Shimmer, Spear
A start of a new world. The star of a new world. A new way to live. A new way to fight. A spear to escape. A vile for the light. A freedom of flavours.