With delectable cuisine, invigorating drinks and out-of-the world entertainment, you will be consistently reminded of the sexy elegance which is Alice & Fifth.

Escape to a world of lavish living

Alice & Fifth, a name, an address – an experience to conjure with. Categorizing this venue as a restaurant would be an injustice to what it really is. In reality it is so much more. Situated in the jewel of Johannesburg – Sandton City – this new luxury dining and underground avant-garde venue adds a lot more than a little sparkle to Africa’s favourite city.

When Alice & Fifth opened its doors in November 2018, no one was quite ready for the brilliance and unadulterated luxury which it would usher in. As you enter into the magical world of superior cuisine, breathtaking cocktails, live entertainment, opulent design and friendly staff; you enter into an enchanting experience and an elegant escape.

You are led through a dark, beautiful and inviting passage, down into the restaurant. You walk into a space which is beautifully designed. Over two hundred Indian tassels drape from the ceiling. Sensual lighting surrounds you. Dolce & Gabbana marble astonishes the senses. Cartier brass carries you away. The amazing team of Jana + Koos brought pieces of Alice alive with beautiful bespoke wallpaper designs. A designed space that wouldn’t be possible without the extraordinary executed ideas from the brilliant mind of Tristan Plessis from Studio A. You will be seated in a space that has been designed to dazzle even the most jaded follower of fashion!